Dirt by Gemma Walsh and Katie Kerr

Dirt by Gemma Walsh and Katie Kerr


Dirt is an experimental cookbook that digs into the relationship between food and words. Twelve earthy recipes from chef Gemma Walsh are accompanied by a collection of stories, poems and conversations from some of New Zealand’s contemporary writers.

Contributors include Courtney Sina Meredith, Lana Lopesi, Rosabel Tan, Dominic Huey, Vanessa Crofskey, Natasha Matila-Smith, Owen Connors, Liam Jacobson, Amy Weng, Reem Musa, Gabi Lardies and Sam Walsh.

Dig deeper: read a conversation between Gemma Walsh and Katie Kerr.

Recipes by Gemma Walsh
Edited and designed by Katie Kerr
Printed on the i300 at Soar Print, New Zealand
Soft cover, 160 pages
180x110mm, upright
First edition of 400 with nude cover (sold out)
Second edition of 300 with green cover (available now)

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