Fuck publishing, let's publish   


The glorious conception of GLORIA


Alice and I started GLORIA in 2017 to support our autonomous publishing practices. We both were creating books, of some form, in a way that sat outside the traditional publishing model. Instead of collaborating with the external parties that are typically involved in the publishing process— editors, publishers, distributors, marketers—we were individually orchestrating a multi-disciplinary practice which encompassed the full arch of book-making. 

We identified this process as:

Editorial Research
Aesthetic Research

Our first two books, Forty Three and Between Two Strangers were experimentations in a comprehensive undertaking of this self-initiated exercise. The 'artist' (or whatever we call ourselves) is heavily involved in every step, producing objects that are a full expression of their intention. At the time, we weren't sure of the implications of managing the nine steps ourselves—or what gave us the right to assume that we could. This exercise became a project in it's own right, albeit one laced with vulnerability and naïvety.

In GLORIA we created a support system. By uniting our 'self'-publishing pursuits, the questions, the troubles, the celebrations, the solace, could be endured collectively. Although positioned on opposite sides of the world, we are allies in the ambiguous world of art publishing.

In this sense, GLORIA believes in community and collaboration. We want to support other artists, writers and designers who are self-publishing; and we offer to do this in two ways.


Published By GLORIA

We offer support to artists and writers looking to create publications. In these cases, GLORIA acts as a support network to the artist. We are not a publishing house that will organise everything for you, however we can offer editorial, design and production services as long as the artist realises it is a collaborative venture and remains heavily invested in the process. GLORIA can become involved at any stage of the publishing process as long as the work doesn't involve any other parties (e.g. other publishing houses).

For submissions, please email us at gloriapublishing@gmail.com with an artist statement, a brief outline of the project, the projected scope, as well as details of where you are at in the process. Please include the word 'Submission' in the subject title.


Guests of GLORIA

If you have already created your self-published work, we also support these projects through our website, promoting and distributing a curated selection of artist publications and photobooks. Every three months we host a 'Guest of GLORIA' on our website. The artists represented embody the GLORIA ethos by embracing the full-arch of bookmaking. The publication is promoted and distributed through our channels and we include the books in our canon for book fairs. 

If you would like to be a Guest of GLORIA, please email us at gloriapublishing@gmail.com with the subject title 'Guest of GLORIA'.