'Loose Reads’, Kiran Dass, 95bFM
"On 95bFM’s Loose Reads Kiran spoke about the locally produced and beautifully crafted Dirt by Gemma Walsh and Katie Kerr. Not your average cookbook, Dirt is experimental and brings together delicious plant-based recipes paired with poems, writing, and conversations with local writers and thinkers. It would make a lovely gift!"
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'Alternative Routes: An interview with Katie Kerr’, Design Assembly
"The editorial aspect of my work is quite poetic in nature, but aesthetically, my research revolves around intensive investigation into paperback book design... In opposition to the breadth of output produced in a commercial design practice, I focus on a single format, hoping to gain some form of tacit knowledge through the act of designing with craft-like repetition."
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'A Trip to the Bauhaus: Reflecting on a century of women in design', Designers Speak (Up)
"When Walter Gropius opened the Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany, in 1919, he announced that the school would be open to “any person of good reputation, regardless of age or sex”. Women, who had previously been refined to art education at home with tutors, applied en masse, far outnumbering the applications of their male counterparts."
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'Sexier in Print: GLORIA and hard press', Lana Lopesi, The Pantograph Punch
"With a very different approach to art publishing, GLORIA joins hard press who together seem to form a new generation of arts presses. Picking up on the energy of places like Clouds and split/fountain, GLORIA and hard press are exciting new voices which have joined the ecology. With different approaches and design aesthetics they are collectively reminding us how every publication in of itself is whole. An exciting revitalisation of this underappreciated art form." 
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'Katie Kerr: Neither here nor there', Hannah Mackintosh, The Big Idea
"Through this publication, Katie has begun to explore the individuality of the migratory experience. It speaks to the lack of personal experiences amongst a global media that is saturated with stories on migration.... Between Two Strangers offers a small but vital contribution to a larger broadening of how we talk about migration."
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'An interview with GLORIA', Janie Cameron, Debate Magazine
"Due to algorithms, our ability to access unexpected digital content has become narrower. The bookstore becomes one of the few places where this is disrupted – where you can find content that wasn’t chosen for you by a computer. But of course, bookstores are under threat, as is publishing, and the industry has huge pressure to put books on shelves that the public will buy. GLORIA wasn’t launched to make money (it’s more likely to do the opposite), but we believe it’s important to offer an alternative to commercially-led art and photography publications."
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