GLORIA is an intercontinental publishing platform that focusses on the publication of art and photography books. Our practice approaches the production of the book as a complete process; from concept to design to print. The artist is heavily involved in every step, producing objects that are a full expression of their intention.

GLORIA is run by Berlin-based photographer Alice Connew and Auckland-based graphic designer Katie Kerr.

Guests of GLORIA: Nothing Ever Happens by Robyn Daly

Guests of GLORIA: Nothing Ever Happens by Robyn Daly


Every three months we will be welcoming a new artist into the GLORIA fold. These artists will have demonstrated their compatibility with the GLORIA ethos, by championing their own projects and embracing the full arch of the book-making process. Their chosen publication will be promoted and distributed through our channels and will also be included in our canon for book fairs and the like.

So on that note...

We are thrilled to announce New Zealand photographer Robyn Daly as our first Guest with her most recent photobook Nothing Ever Happens. Self-published in Melbourne, Nothing Ever Happens is assembled into a complex series of work where tensions between anticipation, desire and disappointment ripple through the pages.

Purchase a copy of Nothing Ever Happens here.

If you are interested in collaborating with GLORIA—either as a Guest or exclusively—please click here for more information on our submission process.

Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions